A Washington D.C. based interdisciplinary artist who works in graphic design, installation, body art, and performance.

IronWing card and print.jpeg
Babu SkyFather, mixed-media, 2018 varyin


ANIKE ROBINSON is an interdisciplinary artist who mines history to make contemporary art in conversation with contested perceptions of global black people.
Currently enrolled in the graduate arts program at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), she received a BA in History from Spelman College with a minor in English (1992) after a period of residency at the African American Studies Center at Birmingham University, England (1991). Robinson received an MA in Secondary Education from Johns Hopkins University (2004) and continued her studies at the Valcour Writing Program sponsored by the Center for Black Literature (2006). A published author, she has taught middle
and high school humanities in Washington, DC area private and public schools. Working through her self-taught, intuitive process, Robinson is an image hunter who documents provocative African Diaspora journeys across time and geography. Her creative process
conjures necessary dialogues to build community discourse in conversation with artists, activists and arts and cultural organizations. Robinson was the runner up for DC Raw Artist of the Year (2012).

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